Obama’s energy jobs double standard

So-called “green jobs” count 17 times. Even if the company goes tits up and takes the taxpayers “green” with it.

But actual Real Jobs in the here and now? They don’t count if they’re associated with Keystone XL.

President Obama doubled down Tuesday on his claim that the Keystone XL oil pipeline would create just a handful of jobs, despite being hammered by Republicans and fact-checkers alike for the claim.

“They keep on talking about this — an oil pipeline coming down from Canada that’s estimated to create about 50 permanent jobs. That’s not a jobs plan,” Obama said.

In citing the 50-jobs number, though, the president was using the smallest possible number attached to the pipeline project. The estimate he used likely refers to a State Department finding that — after the pipeline is built — it would take roughly 50 people to maintain it.

But the comment ignores the rest of the State Department report that estimates the project would create nearly 4,000 annual construction jobs — and potentially “support” an annual 42,000 jobs.

A Washington Post fact-check column on Tuesday questioned why the administration would ignore its own numbers.

Because ignoring them advances the anti-energy, anti-people, anti-American agenda espoused by the radical econuts, that’s why.

Cheap fossil fuels are bad.

Expensive “green” energy is good.

And if real people have to freeze in the dark? That’s just the price America has to pay to save Mother Gaia.

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