Kennedy family chivalry saves a drowning turtle. Mary Jo Kopechne? Not so much

Camelot to the rescue!

While the story of two Kennedy brothers rescuing an entangled leatherback turtle had a happy ending, wildlife officials caution it could have easily turned tragic and should be attempted only by experts.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Division of Fisheries has spoken with both Max Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about the rescue of an estimated 500-pound turtle in the waters of Nantucket Sound over the Fourth of July weekend, said John Bullard, regional administrator.

The brothers have been “cooperative and very helpful” as the organization gathers pictures, gear and other evidence involved in the rescue, Bullard said.

“We’ve explained what they’ve done is a violation of the Endangered Species Act and we discourage people from doing it,” he said.

In a statement posted on NOAA’s website, Robert Kennedy expressed regret over their decision to save the animal themselves.

You guys were a day early. Next time remember to always ask yourself, what would Uncle Teddy do?


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