Don’t buy 3 feminuts a drink? That’s a beating

Women’s lib, at the point of a stiletto.

Armed with their shoes, three women beat a bar patron bloody, according to city police.

One of the women called 911 at 1:47 a.m. Tuesday from Emily’s Bar, 77 Mill St. Police said the women claimed a man had punched one of them in the face. But police said their investigation revealed the women and a bar security guard, 45-year-old Donald Atkinson, were the real aggressors.

Elizabeth Condor, 19; Yomaira Brito-Santiago, 24; Mariela Dela Cruz, 25, and Atkinson each face felony gang assault charges. The man said one of the women punched him in the face when he refused to buy her a drink. The three women chased him outside, clubbing him with their shoes as Atkinson joined the attack, the man told police.

Cops said the man was bleeding from his right eye and his left eye was swollen shut. He was treated at the Newburgh campus of St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital.

(Via Girls Just Wanna Have Guns)

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