Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, but silly regulations can stop mail delivery cold

My friend Nadz likes to chide me about my disdain for the Post Office. He keeps telling me they have an arduous job, and one facet of that job is the requirement that they deliver mail to every address in the U.S.

So I guess Sussex County, NJ seceded or something while nobody was looking.

Because there’s no mail delivery to Camp Louemma in Vernon Township. The 200 campers who call the sleep-away camp home for the summer are cut off by the USPS.

After 72 years of USPS delivering mail to the campers the new Postmaster has decided it’s “too far.” He wants the camp staff to drive 45 minutes to his post office to pick up the mail. The camp is 1/10 of a mile off the beaten path. And postal regulations say he can decree that 1/10 of a mile is “too far.”

Sorry kids, no care packages from home for you.

Unless your parents use UPS or FedEx. Those guys have no problem driving out to the camp. It’s just the recalcitrant government monopoly which refuses to provide the service Nadz says is “universal.”



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