Lois Lerner will plead the Fifth before Congress, who is she protecting?

Lois Lerner has lawyered up, and plans to plead the  Fifth.

Lois Lerner, one of the IRS officials at the center of the scandal involving the targeting of conservative groups, is going to plead the fifth rather than answer to Congress for the actions of the unit she oversaw. It’s one thing to lie to the American people, even if it gets one a bushel full of Pinocchios, but quite another to lie under oath.

The thing is though, what is she really afraid of? Her boss said no crime was committed. White House flunky Dan Pfeiffer went on TV this past weekend and tried to say the same thing.

So what if Chris puts his Speculation Hat on?

Lerner didn’t dream up this fiasco by herself. Bureaucrats don’t operate that way. Somebody had her back. Someone said they’d “take care” of any problems that cropped up. So by pleading the Fifth, Lois Lerner is protecting “someone.”

Maybe that “someone” isn’t Barack Obama. But I’ll bet it’s a person close to him. A political advisor. Say, David Plouffe? Or, much more likely, Valerie Jarrett.

Val hasn’t given the Journolist Jokers the time of day for more than a year. But now she summons them to the West Wing? My guess is, they’re not there for tea. Talking points, for sure. Spin, definitely. Marching orders, you betcha.

You watch. In the next day or so one of those bozos will “break” an important memo or other document which lays all the blame for the Tea Party harassment directly at Lerner’s feet. It’ll completely absolve Dear Leader and his White House sycophants while planting her firmly under the bus.

And then, maybe a year from now, when everyone’s forgotten about the IRS and Tea Parties, Lerner’s husband’s law firm will land a nice big fat retainer from one of George Soros’s dummy corporations. The work to be performed will be somewhat nebulous, but the payout will be in the high seven figures.

Because that’s how Valerie Jarrett protects her president.

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