You say “BWOH’-noh”, I say “loser”

Barbara Buono is desperately seeking name recognition. She’s the Democrat trying to unseat Governor Chris Christie this fall.

Her first problem? Nobody knows how to pronounce her name.

Sen. Barbara Buono (BWOH’-noh), the candidate with the often-mispronounced name, has a new web ad telling voters who she is … and is not.

In the ad starting Monday previewed by The Associated Press, Buono tells voters it’s not Boh-NOH’, as in Cher’s onetime soul mate, Sonny.

Nor is it Bono (BON’-oh), the lead signer from the rock band U2.

But it does rhyme with Cuomo, the Democrat governor of New York.

The thing is though, Babs is trailing in the polls by 30+ points. And NJ Democratic Party elder statesman Brendan Byrne just suggested that she gracefully bow out.

Because however you say “Buono,” it still means “loser.”


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