Behind the Star-Ledger’s vendetta against Archbishop Myers

Every day for the past several weeks the good old child-protectors at the Star-Ledger have railed against Abp Myers’ handling of a priestly sex abuse case. Day after day they flog the same dead horse. “Politician You Never Heard Of Denounces Myers!” is the typical headline.

But today Tom Moran outdid himself, congratulating people for “standing up” to John Myers and Church hierarchy.

Now let’s admit what’s really going on here.

The Star-Ledger keeps beating this dead horse because they want Abp Myers gone. And why do they want him gone? Because he’s a forceful opponent of their 2 pet causes – abortion and same-sex “marriage.” The continued flogging of these sex-abuse cases is a means to that end. They’re hoping for a more malleable Church leader, one who’ll see the “nuance” of allowing the liberals’ officially sanctioned sins to fester and grow.

It seems like every week now there is another public school teacher in the news for molesting her male students. Yet the Ledger is silent on the epidemic of child abuse in our public schools. Why? Because the public schools are already on the side of abortion and homosexuality, that’s why. See, some child abuse is OK (cough, Erica DePalo, cough) if she is otherwise a good little liberal (you’re not named Teacher of the Year if you’re reading National Review in the breakroom!).

The Catholic Church is all that stands between Tom Moran and Sodom and Gomorrah. He’s determined to impose his heretical worldview on every New Jersey Catholic. And dragging Archbishop Myers through the mud is his weapon of choice. Nevermind that other sins, equally distasteful to the Church, escape Moran’s notice. Or more ominously, enjoy his overwhelming support.

I can only say, when Tom Moran meets The Lord, he’ll have some ‘splaining to do.


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