The Star-Ledger embraces a blood libel

You can always tell when the Star-Ledger Editorial Board is especially proud of one of their screeds. It’s when they don’t link it from the home page. The better to avoid adverse commentary, of course.

Their latest blood libel marks another milestone in mendacity. As if that was possible, given their proclivity to miss the forest for the trees. But in this case it’s especially appalling, given that the the circumstances are both tragic and preventable. The facts are simple.

Two-year-old Caroline Sparks was accidentally shot and killed by her brother with a .22-caliber rifle – the “Crickett” – he got for his birthday in November. 

Alas, their conclusion is both facile and abhorrent.

Keystone Sporting Arms of Milton, Pa., sells the Crickett as “My First Rifle.” It’s a child-sized version of an ordinary adult rifle, but it’s also sold in colors – blue for boys, pink for girls. The “Kids Corner” section of the gunmaker’s website features parent testimonials: “Just the right size for my 5- and 7-year-olds.”

Cumberland County, Ky., Coroner Gary White called Caroline’s death “just one of those crazy accidents.” No, it wasn’t.

To call this little girl’s death a “crazy accident” – a stroke of fatally bad luck – is a smokescreen. A company made, marketed and sold this gun deliberately to be fired by young children. It was bought and given to a boy not yet old enough for kindergarten. It was left – loaded – within the child’s reach. The death was accidental. It also was entirely predictable and preventable.

Gun manufacturers have no conscience; that they exploit a kiddie market for guns is further proof. And they’ve claimed their latest victim.

Maybe if we had newspapermen who weren’t such pansies when it comes to guns we wouldn’t have to be subjected to the wanton ravings of the uninformed. Instead we get mental masturbation masquerading as insight, as if the parents of these children bear no responsibility whatsoever.  What idiot leaves a loaded gun lying around?

But there’s the collectivist mindset – responsibility is for chumps, the government is our lord and master, and only laws can instill what used to be called “common sense.”

I wonder how sanguine the Ledger will be when the government starts telling them what they can, and cannot write, for their own good of course. Because the cruft the Star-Ledger puts out poses far more lasting danger to our freedom than a rifle in the hands of a child ever could.


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