Illegals flock to the U.S. in anticipation of immigration reform

The trickle is now a stampede.

Arrests of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States have nearly tripled in recent months — in anticipation of Congressional efforts to enact comprehensive immigration legislation, border patrol agents told CBS News Wednesday.

“Once the first group gets across, they call their family, they call their friends and let them know, ‘Hey the time is right, come on over,’” Border Patrol agent and union representative Chris Cabrera told CBS News.

In March, 7,500 illegals were arrested in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas — which includes McAllen — Cabrera told CBS News. That’s up from 2,800 in January.

Immigration into the United States had been slowing during the recession.

But CBS says hopes of gaining citizenship under new legislation and a rebounding U.S. economy are fueling the fresh migration.

Gee, nobody could have seen that coming, eh? C’mon down! The path to citizenship is now open! Don’t forget to sign up for your Free Stuff and remember to please always vote Democrat!

But Big Sis Janet Incompetano says our border is “secure.” Uh huh, sure it is.

And proponents of the latest scamnesty plan will keep telling you it’s impossible to round up all 11 million illegals and send them home. To which I say, if 11 million citizens suddenly decided to stop paying taxes just how long do you supposed it’d take for Obama’s IRS to find and incarcerate each and every one of them?


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