NJ Rep. Chris Smith is gonna be a shoo-in for a Zilla Award this year

Zilla’s got debilitating Lyme Disease. Doctors generally don’t know how, or even want to treat Lyme Disease. NJ Rep. Smith is determined to do something about that.

U.S. Rep. Chris Smith has been struggling for 15 years to increase the nation’s awareness and improve scientists’ understanding of Lyme Disease and other tick-bourne illnesses.

But it remains an uphill battle.

Smith (R-4th) used a Tuesday press conference to promote Lyme Disease Awareness Month and two bills in the U.S. House of Representatives – both of which would establish a blue-ribbon commission to study the crippling illness.

“People suffering the devastating and debilitating consequences of Lyme and other vector-borne diseases deserve no less,” Smith said.

Both bills currently making their way through committee, H.R. 610 and H.R. 611, would establish the Tick-Borne Disease Advisory Committee made up of scientists, patients, public health officials and representatives of volunteer organizations.

The former bill would authorize $250,000 annually for four years to support the committee’s work, while the latter would authorize a more robust $20 million a year to bring more scrutiny to the disease.

It’s about time someone took notice of all the tick-borne illnesses around here. And if Zilla hands Chris Smith this year’s Jersey Bad Ass award I won’t be (too) disappointed at missing the three-peat.


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