In-state tuition for illegal aliens! For Iraq war veterans? Not so much.

The University of North Carolina doesn’t like Iraq war veterans. Unless they pay full frieight, because hey, they’ve been living overseas for a few years.

The University of North Carolina denied an Army sergeant in-state tuition at its Pembroke branch even though she owns a home in the Tar Heel state and only moved away briefly because the military stationed her husband in Texas.

Hayleigh Perez, 26, hoped to use her G.I. Bill to attend the UNC’s Pembroke campus near Fort Bragg, but the young veteran — who served a 14-month tour in Iraq — was told she did not qualify as a state resident because she had been gone for about less than two years.

But there’s a move afoot at UNC to give illegal aliens the in-state tuition break.

Break the law, get subsidized college tuition. Serve your country, get lost.

Perez said the appeal process consisted of appearing before a 15-member panel at the school’s vice chancellor’s office, where her request was denied. She said she later learned that the denial was based on the fact that she had not paid income tax in North Carolina in the years in which she was in Iraq.

Tar and feathers seem appropriate.


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