The Pony Express raises their prices again

It's gonna cost you another penny to mail a letter. You do still remember what a letter is, right?

"Forever" stamps will cost 46 cents starting on January 27, the agency said. Consumers can use those stamps to mail 1-ounce letters anywhere in the country. As the name implies, they are always valid, even after stamp prices rise.
The Postal Service will also offer a new, global Forever stamp starting next year, which customers can use to send letters anywhere in the world for a set price of $1.10.

Watch out for that "global" stamp, it's a huge price increase.

The global Forever stamp would boost the cost to mail a letter by 5 cents for most international destinations. The cost to send a letter to Canada or Mexico using a global Forever stamp would rise by 25 cents. The cost to mail a postcard also will go up by 1 cent to 33 cents.

Nobody tell La Raza.


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