The #VRWC Report, Cory Booker channels Joe Bidenopoulos, Lamont Sanford for President, and Obama 3:16

The guy is new but the song remains the same. In his DNC speech Cory Booker channeled Joe Bidenopoulos: Raising Taxes Is Patriotic!

The things you learn listening to Michelle Obama. Barack loves dumpster diving. Got his first coffee table out of the trash, he did. He’s kinda like Lamont Sanford, without Fred to watch his back.

Also from the Michelle Obama money quote file, being president reveals the true Barack. For varying definitions of “true”, of course.

For the Democrats so loved the world, that they gave their only begotten Dear Leader, that whosever voteth for him should not perish, but have everlasting entitlements. — Obama 3:16

No wonder then that they dropped God from their party platform. Obama is their shepherd, thou shalt hove no other gods before him.

Lies, damned lies, and Democrats: a recap of DNC Charlotte Day 1.

Our greatest fear is not four more years of Obama. Our greatest fear is a citizenry which desires four more years of Obama.

Adventures in DNC logo redesign. He’s up to #20, so be sure to go to the main page and just keep scrolling. And speaking of DNC humor, cue the laugh track.

Inadvertently funny: A pictorial roundup of attractive DNC attendees. Not what you expected? OK, how about some Michelle Obama arm pits?

No, I won’t pay for your brain bleach.

A Mexican town demonstrates why the Second Amendment is the only thing standing between us and tyranny. Show this to the next gun control advocate you meet.

Exercise your brain: The Code Of Conduct for members of the United States armed forces, as a crossword puzzle.

The NFL kicks off its regular season tonight, a day early so Barry can address the DNC (albeit in a small venue, slightly larger than a broom closet) without having to compete with anything interesting on TV. So at the risk of starting a shooting war with Theo and his mates, here’s video proof of why American football is truly the greatest game ever invented by man.

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