The #VRWC Report, internet taxes come to New Jersey and Joe Biden dances for his dinner

If RINOs are Republicans in Name Only, what do we call Conservatives in Name Only? Because we need a new moniker for Chris “Conservative Rock Star” Christie. Real Conservatives don’t impose new taxes, and they damn sure don’t tax the internet. Shame on him.

What is proper role of taxation? It’s an argument which has been brewing since the dawn of our Republic. And it’s one of the few instances where the Founding Fathers may have entrusted too much power to the state.

One day people of Polish descent will look back on Obama’s death camps gaffe and laugh. Today is not that day.

Which doesn’t stop Joe Biden from practicing Smart Diplomacy as only he can.

President Dunsel: What if Obama made a list and nobody cared?

What if History demanded Obama man up? As the Eurozone crisis impacts his re-election campaign we will probably find out.

Chuck Schumer, regulator of barbecue grill brushes. Because they’re a danger! Speaking of danger, I believe it’s been statistically proven that the Most Dangerous Place In America is standing directly between Chuck Schumer and a microphone.

Hollywood’s liberal bias, example #718,212.

The many faces of evil, North Korea edition. Do not take your freedom for granted.

Your tax dollars at play: David Foley returns to the GSA. The bureaucracy protects its own.

Adrienne has a serous case of tractor envy.

The Zell Miller wing of the Republican party keeps growing. These days the Democrats are their own worst enemy.

A 13 year old political cartoonist makes his debut. Kid’s got a bright future.

What’s the difference between Enron and the Obama Administration? Enron’s accounting was more honest.

Nobody tell the neutrinos: SF writers now abjure stories with faster than light travel. I think they need to realign their dilithium crystals. If we can’t Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before, what’s the point?


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