At long last, NJ residents can buy wine online

A new law took effect on Tuesday which grants us a right already enjoyed by people in 38 other states. The right to have wine shipped directly to our homes or offices.

Before the law went into effect, neither New Jersey nor out-of-state wineries could ship their bottles directly to customers here unless they did it through a wholesale distributor. The new law cuts out the middle man, allowing wineries to earn more profit per bottle by selling them directly to customers at retail prices.

Is there a catch? Of course there’s a catch. 

It also made available a permit for out-of-state wineries to sell to New Jersey customers. The state’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control has gotten calls from interested sellers, said spokesman Zach Hosseini, but no one has filed an application yet.

The Tax Man’s still gotta get his vig.

And we aren’t free to buy as much as we want, just like with guns, there’s a one-case-a-month limit.

There’s also a 12-case, or 144-bottle, limit on shipments residents can receive per year.

Because the nanny-staters know what’s best for us.


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