On the off chance the GOP picks Nikki Haley for VP the Ya-Ya Sisterhood stands ready to cut her off at the knees

Because digging for dirt on Republican women isn’t sexist. Just ask My Favorite Feminist.

Who could be better as a Republican vice presidential pick than a young, attractive, up-and-coming rising star who happens to be a woman of color, a mom of young children and the governor of an important Southern state?  The GOP is sorely in need of repairing the damage it’s done to itself with the “woman’s vote” by finding a woman for the VP slot. That should have been South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, but she can’t and won’t be the one to help them out with that in 2012.

Gee, why not?

While she’s denied the rumors that continue to circulate about whether she’s had extramarital affairs, it doesn’t even matter if they’re true. Since it looks like the Republican presidential candidate will be either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum — both men who wear their faithful family-man bona fides on their sleeves — there is no room in their campaigns for even the slightest chance of a marital scandal for a running mate.

Sheesh. Innuendo and rumors, and feminists are going to help spread them? Because the rumors don’t matter! She’s a Rethuglican! She deserves whatever she gets!

Oh, and she met Sarah Palin once. And HBO’s hit-job mock-u-mentary was all true dontcha know. It fit the narrative to a T, and she really can see Russia from her house!

No matter how inspiring her personal story is, the shadow of Sarah Palin is a long one, and the McCain campaign’s inadequate vetting of Palin, combined with even the possibility of a skeleton in Haley’s closet, will keep her off the GOP ticket in 2012, and probably forever.

Damning with faint praise. Way to stand up for womankind.

There is no intellectual honesty in feminism.

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