Dysfunctional government: Trenton, NJ is out of toilet paper, and can’t agree to buy more

Government buildings in Trenton, NJ are out of toilet paper. But the city council refuses to authorize purchasing more.

The city’s toilet paper crisis intensified yesterday, with supplies nearly gone and no sign they will be replenished soon. Officials now say the city could face state intervention if bathroom dispensers are left empty, and that action may involve building closures if health standards are not met.

The stocks have dwindled as the council quarreled with Mayor Tony Mack’s administration over a contract that would resupply the paper products for a year.

Paper towel and toilet paper dispensers in the city senior centers, police department, fire department, museum, water filtration plant and City Hall itself likely won’t last through the week.

Quick. Name the political party to which Mayor Mack and his city council all belong.

Maybe they’re waiting for Obama to mandate that health insurers provide toilet paper for free.

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