Remember New Jersey, only Trained Professionals are permitted to carry guns around here

Who trains these Keystone Kops?

The Jersey City police officer who accidentally shot himself during a fugitive apprehension in Elizabeth Thursday night was released from the hospital a few hours after the incident, a Jersey City police spokesman said this morning.

Officer Jesse Soto, 38, is assigned to a Hudson County task force unit that in turn forms part of the federal agency’s Regional Fugitive Task Force, comprised of federal, state, county and local police personnel.

He was assisting in the arrest of a female fugitive inside a North Broad Street residential building when his service weapon accidentally discharged shortly after 10 p.m., said Deputy U.S. Marshal Michael Schroeder.

A single bullet “came in and out of his abdomen,” Martinez said. “It didn’t hit any vital organs.”

Yeah, it takes Extra Special training to be able to shoot yourself in the belly. No wonder it isn’t available to us mere mortals.

That’s some mighty fine police work there Lou.


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