This is how to bitch-slap Islamoscum!

Zilla and her friend Ann Barnhardt Bring It!

Islamoscum Fail ensued.

Read the whole thing, but here’s a taste.  A representative of The Religion of Peace™ asked these ladies where they lived so he could come explain Sharia up close and personal, IYKWIMAITYD.

Dhimmitude this ain’t:

Come and get it, Player. Anytime. I will never submit to islam. allah is satan and mohammed was a child-raping, cross-dressing, homosexual con-artist. If you want to get serious about jihad and take this deal to the next level, you come and see me. World War 3 will start on my front porch, guaran-fricking-teed.

In the end he folded like the coward we knew he was.

But not before Ann got another Islamonut’s phone number on caller ID. Yeah, these guys really are That Dumb.


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