O Canada! Voters in the Great White North abandon Liberalism for fiscal sanity

Yeah, I know. Canadian elections barely register a blip here in The States.  But hot damn, the Tories just trounced the Big Government and Loony Lefty parties. And the Quebec secessionists are officially toast: disbanded in disgrace.

Taxes in Canada are oppressive.  The Tories campaigned on a platform of tax cuts.  And the people agreed, sending a wave of Conservatives to Parliament.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper now commands a simple majorityHis tax and spending cuts will proceed as planned.

From a commenter at Instapundit:

“A big taxing, big spending, corrupt Liberal political party led by an ex-Harvard ‘intellectual’ with little practical experience has just been obliterated by market friendly and fiscally conservative leadership. In Canada. America are you watching?”

Of course we’re not watching! But we should be, because (defeated) Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is Canada’s Barack Obama.  And if the Canadians can understand that lower taxes and smaller government are the path to prosperity, then by golly so can we.


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