Mayor Mack? It’s Marion Barry on line 2

The rot in Trenton, NJ municipal government goes all the way to the top.

Trenton mayor’s Chief of Staff Paul Sigmund faces heroin possession, assault on officer charges

Paul Sigmund, chief of staff to Trenton Mayor Tony Mack, faces five charges including heroin possession and aggravated assault on a police officer following his arrest this morning just blocks from city hall, authorities said.

Sigmund was arrested this morning in the Hanover Academy section of Trenton and his city-issued Ford Escape was found nearby, according to acting Trenton Police Director Joe Juniak. The SUV was towed, he said.

Lauren Ira, spokeswoman for Mayor Tony Mack, said Sigmund has been relieved of all duites indefinitely and is expected to undergo drug rehabilitation.

During his short time working for the city, Sigmund was also charged with speeding and driving a city-owned SUV without a license.

Can the NJ Democrats pick ’em, or what?

His aunt is Cokie Roberts, a journalist with National Public Radio and ABC News.


Must. Resist. Making. Jokes.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence he’s related to a woman named “Cokie.”



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