A liberal’s epiphany – “I can’t believe my best friend is a Republican”

Instapundit notes one woman’s blowback against self-herding behavior:

Word got out that Janet and I were spending time together.

“You know she’s a Republican, right?” whispered another member of our weight-loss group after I took her card. It was meant as, well, what, exactly? A warning?

Yes. A warning which the lady fortuitously ignored.  And in doing so found a true BFF.

The whole article is worth reading, but it essentially boils down to this old adage:

“Stupid people surround themselves with smart people. Smart people surround themselves with smart people who disagree with them.”

Or in her words:

We lose something critical when we surround ourselves with people who agree with us all the time. We lose out on the wisdom of seeing the other side.

I think I’ve noted this incident before, but it bears repeating.  New to our neighborhood we were invited to a fancy Christmas Holiday party at the home of, for lack of a better term, The (then) Queen Bee.  My wife was ill that day and so I went alone.  I thought I was having a good time until I happened to overhear one of the women tell another, “I can’t believe she invited a Republican to this party,” while not-so-subtly pointing at me. I could feel the disdain from across the room.

We were, of course, never invited back.  No worries, we made other friends.  Smart people, who like the woman cited above, aren’t afraid to be seen with a usually affable chap who nonetheless disagrees with them.


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