I wish my job had free beer!

New media startup Yelp keeps a keg on tap in their offices.

All we get is free coffee.  And every morning when I come in some comedian has brewed a pot of decaf first.

SCOTUS to Michael Newdow – go pound sand up your ass

Michael Newdow is a pinhead San Francisco atheist who is on a one idiot crusade to eliminate all references to God within the United States.

First he went after the Pledge of Allegiance, claiming his young daughter objected to the words “one nation, under God”.  He lost.

Then he went after our money, arguing that the phrase “In God We Trust” on the currency makes him a carrier of a religious message.

Not even the ultra-lefties on the Ninth Circuit bought that line of bullshit.

Undeterred he appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Today they told him to go pound sand up his ass.

God Bless America.

Jobs? Who needs ’em? We’ve got swamps to protect!

In a state where the unemployment rate is hovering around 10% you’d think a new asphalt plant would be just the thing a down on their luck community would welcome with open arms.

Nah, who needs good jobs when there are econuts to fulminate against evil corporatist polluters?  They got the residents all riled up and of course the town of Milville told the new plant to take a hike.

The outcry of Millville residents was heard Tuesday evening and the decision by the city commissioners to send the proposed asphalt plant to the planning board was unanimous.


Tuesday evening’s meeting marked the second ordinance reading of the potential asphalt plant.

Nearly every time a speaker made a powerful point against the plant, the crowd applauded.

Matthew Blake, manager with the American Littoral Society, has weighed in continuously on the society’s opposition over the past two weeks of the plant ordinance.

Once the trail of people voicing their opinions finished, commissioners voiced their feelings, before Susan Robostello, city clerk, called for votes.

The results? A resounding no from all, followed by uproarious cheers, applause, and a standing ovations from the opponents of the asphalt plant.

Afterwards, the commissioners were met by lines of residents shaking hands with the commission, thanking them for their decision.

Here’s what I think.  I’m guessing a fair number of the NIMBYs are collecting some kind of public assistance (unemployment, welfare, etc).  That stops now.  You had a chance at getting some good paying jobs for your town and you chose to hug trees instead.  So, eat the trees.  Why should my taxes go to subsidize you prissy asses.  Since that “dirty, stinky” asphalt plant isn’t good enough for you then neither is my money.

John Boehner’s House of Wafflers sticks it to us again

In John Boeher’s America Obamacare is the dragon he dare not slay.

The House passed another “continuing resolution” tonight.  A measly $6 billion in “cuts”.  In a $3.7 trillion dollar budget $6 billion is a rounding error.

And our Weeper of the House still couldn’t muster the stones to defund Obamacare.

Among the many superfluous–and worse–budget items that the House continues to burden America with is the unconstitutional–not to mention repugnant–law popularly known as ObamaCare.

This move by Republicans awards Obama’s shameful executive-branch entourage yet more time to weld ObamaCare into our system using the regulatory-power blowtorch that Kathleen Sebelius and other agency administrators picked up at the Little Shop of Congress. If these Obamatons get their way, the regulatory flame issuing from the ObamaCare blowtorch will reduce our precious Constitution to cinders, but hey . . . .

The waffling Republicans who just can’t seem to make a decision to defund ObamaCare–despite the overwhelming voter and judicial mandate to do so–manage to remain firm in their conviction to pick up their paychecks, travel vouchers, perks, publicly funded pensions, and ObamaCare-exempt health insurance.

And they are pretty well content to tell the Conservatives and Tea Partiers who worked unceasingly to get them elected to go suck wind.

Who’s up for a primary challenge to this wuss?  I’m sick of this shit.

Getting in to Harvard is tough when you’re 4

A Manhattan mom is suing her 4 year old daughter’s elite pre-school because she claims the school damaged her daughter’s chances at an Ivy League education.

A Manhattan mom is suing a pricey preschool for dumping her “very smart” 4-year-old with tykes half her age and boring her with lessons about shapes and colors.

Perhaps the calculus class was full?

In court papers, Nicole Imprescia suggests York Avenue Preschool jeopardized little Lucia’s chances of getting into an elite private school or, one day, the Ivy League.

On the other hand, mom seems to be well on her way toward ensuring little Lucia will turn out to be the next Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Keep pushing mom, she’ll be a burn out before she’s 12.

The kid is four.  Let her play.  I didn’t start calculus until I was 5 and I turned out ok…

9.7 million more reasons to privatize NJ Turnpike toll collectors

N.J. Turnpike Authority paid employees $9.7M extra in unused sick days, overtime pay

More than $1 million went to 20 long-time employees who retired in 2010 from the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. In total, 123 retirees took home $2.9 million in extra pay, an Asbury Park Press investigation found.

In 30 cases, the retirement payouts, mostly for unused sick time, exceeded the worker’s annual salary.

Gotta love those public employee union contracts, eh?  Great deals for them, but a nightmare for the taxpayer.  It warms the cockles of my heart to know the tolls I pay go to some high school dropout’s cushy retirement.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to collect tolls.  Why should we pay them more than we pay actual rocket scientists?


The New York Times is only outraged when rich white lacrosse players are accused of rape

I suppose we’re supposed to be impressed that Pinch Sulzberger employs a public editor with an inkling of a clue.

The Times only jumps to conclusions when a black stripper alleges she was raped by rich white boys.

A poor latina chick who was actually raped by an entire black basketball team?  Not news.  Because she dressed “older”.  I guess it was her fault.

Referring to some of the defendants in the case, the same resident was quoted saying, “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.”

It’s called Sympathy for the Devil, and it’s a standard libtard disease. 

Incidentally, the Times has never apoligized to Reade Seligmann for ruining his life.