Gov. Christie may yank the RGGI out from under NJ

Oh yes, please

Christie said today he was reevaluating New Jersey’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, also known as RGGI, an agreement among 10 Northeast states to cut carbon emissions.

From Bloomberg:

“The commitment by former one-term Governor Jon Corzine places burdens on businesses that Pennsylvania doesn’t have, Christie said at a town-hall meeting in Nutley today. The governor, a Republican who took office in January 2010, said he will decide within two months whether New Jersey will remain committed to the regional plan. He also said he is developing a new energy master plan for the state.”

Conservatives, led by the group Americans for Prosperity, have been agitating for New Jersey to quit the group, which they say is a backdoor way of implementing President Obama’s cap-and-trade initiative.

Yup, RGGI is Cap and Tax by another name.

You know, a guy who doesn’t want to be president wouldn’t unnecessarily piss off the eco-nuts…

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