Jobs? Who needs ’em? We’ve got swamps to protect!

In a state where the unemployment rate is hovering around 10% you’d think a new asphalt plant would be just the thing a down on their luck community would welcome with open arms.

Nah, who needs good jobs when there are econuts to fulminate against evil corporatist polluters?  They got the residents all riled up and of course the town of Milville told the new plant to take a hike.

The outcry of Millville residents was heard Tuesday evening and the decision by the city commissioners to send the proposed asphalt plant to the planning board was unanimous.


Tuesday evening’s meeting marked the second ordinance reading of the potential asphalt plant.

Nearly every time a speaker made a powerful point against the plant, the crowd applauded.

Matthew Blake, manager with the American Littoral Society, has weighed in continuously on the society’s opposition over the past two weeks of the plant ordinance.

Once the trail of people voicing their opinions finished, commissioners voiced their feelings, before Susan Robostello, city clerk, called for votes.

The results? A resounding no from all, followed by uproarious cheers, applause, and a standing ovations from the opponents of the asphalt plant.

Afterwards, the commissioners were met by lines of residents shaking hands with the commission, thanking them for their decision.

Here’s what I think.  I’m guessing a fair number of the NIMBYs are collecting some kind of public assistance (unemployment, welfare, etc).  That stops now.  You had a chance at getting some good paying jobs for your town and you chose to hug trees instead.  So, eat the trees.  Why should my taxes go to subsidize you prissy asses.  Since that “dirty, stinky” asphalt plant isn’t good enough for you then neither is my money.


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