Facebook Fail: Or why posting “I need a hitman” is a really bad idea

A Pennsylvania man decided that asking his Facebook friends for help with finding a hitman was a really good use of social networking.

When you need to advertise an event, ask advice, or seek out a used couch, a social network is an ideal place to reach out to your extended community, but, what if you need a hit man?  For Corey C. Adams of Pennsylvania, posting an ad looking for a murderer for hire seemed like a resourceful idea when he was in crunch, proving an important point about social web: social networking might be smart, but some of its users are downright stupid.

The story began in June 2010 when Adams was accused of raping a twenty year old woman after she left a party. While she went to police, Adams went home, turned on his computer, and went on Facebook. The victim claims Adams put up a posting which offered $500 for a “girls head”, but Adams didn’t stop there.  According to West Chester Police Det. Stan Hillie, Adams posted a second message which read “needed this girl knocked off right now”.

Maybe he shoulda tried LinkedIn.

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