Paralyzed Marine and his wife are being evicted by the North Bergen NJ Housing Authority

And no, it’s not because they didn’t pay their rent.

The bureaucrats have rules.

Page Vassallo tears up when she talks about her husband, Sean, a former Marine and veteran of Desert Storm — who is paralyzed — as they face eviction from their North Bergen Housing Authority apartment.

“He can’t do anything for himself, taking care of him is my job 24/7,” Page says as she sits in her Columbia Avenue apartment.

A home health aide and nurse spend a combined 49 hours a week helping Page with Sean, who has a catheter and feeding tube. But Page, 46, still counts on a long-time friend to sleep over two to three nights a week to help with lifting, bathing, and taking care of Sean. She says there is no family support.

But since late November, Page has been getting Notices to Cease from the NBHA, telling her to leave because the friend, Gary Denchise, is not on the lease and they say he is living there. Denchise said he lives in Secaucus, and is only there to help the Vassallos.

Citing complaints by residents, NBHA spokesman Phil Swibinski said a three-month investigation began in early November on Denchise’s alleged tenancy.

Bureaucrats hate it when people fend for themselves.  Here’s a guy and his wife who are barely getting by.  A friend steps in to help, and of course the Nanny State has to smack them down.  Only government ought to be allowed to care for the downtrodden!  What idiot in his right mind spends 3 months “investigating” whether or not a paralyzed veteran is dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s?  What business is it of anybody how this war hero gets through the day?

You know, the bureaucrats can’t / won’t deport illegal aliens.  But they’ll throw the book at a paralyzed Marine.


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